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Represent your Brand with Smart Logo

dMarkcy provides a professional logo design service for you. Your logo is your oneness- we craft any logo on that motto.

Amazing Logo to Express Your Brand

Nearly 81% have increased their brand recognition through their logo. So, to establish a brand image, you must need a logo that reflects your brand identity. Accordingly, we create different logos in unique color combinations.
In case you are a tailor or digital marketer or animation creator. In dAmrkcy, we offer professional graphic design tools for professional logo design. For both designing and redesigning logo services, we provide creative graphic design services packages. Also, if you need a customized logo with your own idea, you are welcome.

Why we Rock!

Idea generation
Consultation on your logo idea
Great color sense
In-house graphic expert magicians

4-Step Spontaneous Process


As soon as we make the contract, we start doing analysis on your business. Thus, we get the full view of what we need to do and the opportunities for serious growth. Also, we research


Based on the analysis, we demonstrate a proper strategy for your business. Aligning the business goal and capabilities, we make planning for your project.


Developing creative solutions according to strategy is our responsibility. For the best delivery, we allow regular meetings with our clients to update the progress. On-Time delivery and quality work is our promise.

Meaningful design

Thoughtful and meaningful design that suits with your business

Incredible color mixing

Color blending makes the memorable experience for a logo

Standard and professional look

A complete logo that creates a brand image to your audiences

Even though designing a logo from scratch is time-consuming, it is far better than Wix logo design.

Anything regarding logo design services, you can get our logo designers. Get the best logo design service, anytime, from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How long does a logo design take?
    Ans: Total completion usually takes 2 to 3 weeks, but it also varies. Timeframes are also influenced by response time and any additional design revisions. Before confirming the duration it will be discussed and confirmed by both parties.
  • 2. What happens if I wish to modify a logo?
    Ans: That isn't an issue at all. When you receive the initial batch of designs, you will be explained why certain design decisions were taken. You will have the option to provide comments and, if necessary, request revisions at this stage. We consider up to 4 logo design revisions, any further revisions will be charged and added to the final bill.
  • 3.What if I do not like The first logo?
    Ans: The possibility is very low, but if, despite our best efforts, you still don't like the designs provided to you there is scope for logo revisions. We consider upgrading the logo four times, additional ones will take charge.
  • 4.Do I get a refund if I do not like it?
    Ans: We collect a 50% non-refundable payment before starting the project, but you don't have to pay the remaining 50% if you don't like the work we performed for you. I will, however, maintain ownership of all concepts, ideas, and labor completed during the project.
  • 5.What do I get after the completion of the project?
    Ans: Copyright ownership - we will transfer the ownership once the final project is agreed upon and transactions are complete. A PDF User Guideline Document — An explanation of how to use the logo files in PDF format.RGB version- Your logo will be delivered in optimized Jpeg and transparent PNG file formats, as well as SVG, a vector version for digital use. CMYK version- Only four colors are used in full-color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. These four colors can be combined to create any image you can think of. When you need to be printed material with full-color images on the same page, you'll need this format. Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format is included.

Compact logo design service

Logo design ideae

To give ideas and suggestions about your brand logo

Customized logo design

Unique and customized design for logo

Creative logo design from scratch

Crafting logo from scratch according to your requirements.

Logo for different industries

We make logos for any industry and any company

Logo redesign

Do not like your current logo? We can redesign it.

Proudly, we are dMarkcy, logo design magicians. With years of experience, we provide affordable logo design services 24/7, anytime, from anywhere.

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