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Are you looking for an effective digital way to grow your business? Then you should step into social media. In dMarkcy, we provide the best social media marketing service.

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Your customers expect a brand to have a social media presence. So, we offer professional social media marketing on digital platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, etc. Check out our services and build a strong social media presence. We are an experienced Social Media Marketing Service provider agency having a team of experts.
Especially, our services must effectively improve visual branding, humanize your brand, generate leads, boost sales and stay ahead of the competition. Our creative strategies and approaches allow you to expand your business by reaching out to larger audiences.

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4-Step Spontaneous Process


As soon as we make the contract, we start doing analysis on your business. Thus, we get the full view of what we need to do and the opportunities for serious growth. Also, we research


Based on the analysis, we demonstrate a proper strategy for your business. Aligning the business goal and capabilities, we make planning for your project.


Developing creative solutions according to strategy is our responsibility. For the best delivery, we allow regular meetings with our clients to update the progress. On-Time delivery and quality work is our promise.

Results, Rinse, Repeat

If you have any issues or you want revisions, we are here for you. This is an ongoing step till you are satisfied with your project.

Social Media Audit

To check out your overall social media performance

Creative Campaigns

For promoting your business presence in social media

Social Media Consultation

To provide any help to clients if they have any difficulties

Reach out to your potential clients with social media marketing

About 50.64% people of the total population of the world use social networks. Thus the SMM services work. Want to try?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What do we do?
    Ans: We as an agency for social media marketing produce social network material using existing information such as blog posts, videos, and events. You will include the subtitles, upload videos, add links and find out how and what will be enhanced by publicity or other methods.
  • 2. Is it worth an agency for social media marketing?
    Ans: Yes. Social media marketing is an efficient approach for you to engage with business leaders, offer customized content and create contacts that foster conversion. This technique is a fantastic way to link leads one by one. We can analyze your competitors for you also increase your brand recognition.
  • 3.For promotion which platform is effective?
    Ans: While Facebook is a wonderful start, we want to meet every customer individually. Because each brand is unique, the decision on which platform to spend time on depends on criteria such as where your audience is, what products and/or services your company offers, and what aims you want to meet.
  • 4.How often are you supposed to post?
    Ans: It is ideal to write at least twice a week on most platforms, although certain social media channels are an exception. If your team has time and content to share, Twitter and Pinterest can be more frequent. Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram Stories are other fantastic methods to keep top-of-the-art. Stories endure just 24 hours, so you have the chance to ideas and marketing tactics. We can also enable you to have access to a complete set to make your contents feel urgent and exclusive without being overdone.
  • 5.Why should you hire us?
    Ans: We can help you improve the overall image of your business. Our team will provide you a genuine edge in content provided for companies with scheduling, reporting, analysis, and more.

One-stop SMM service

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Demonstrating marketing strategy of social media

Social Media Advertising

Consists of campaigns, boosting, and many more

Multi-Channel Integration

Incorporating several media channels to spread marketing messages

Paid Advertising for Immediate Results

Excellent advertisement for faster results of your business

Badge creation

For presenting the performance to your audiences

dMarkcy is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh that offers a business with a strategic and innovative set of SMM services. Here, we care about your business as much as you do.

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